Ok, so it has been way too long since my last post, my apologies. Cuba was great although I didn’t get the relief I was hoping for. I loved the people, the culture, the history. I could easily make this a winter getaway every year if I could afford it! But … my aches and pain didn’t go away like they did in Mexico. Now, I have absolutely no idea why this was so. Maybe just time of year, disease progression, the ebb and flow of the North Atlantic Ocean …

I know a few people who go to Cuba at least once a year, and they do seem to get some relief from the warmer climate. I think I will have to try at least one more visit before I write it off as a winter retreat. It would be interesting to know where other folks go to get away from the cold. Mexico for sure, probably Florida, Arizona has hot, dry heat, California?

Anyways, I wanted to get a little update here so I could start moaning about what has been plaguing me for a while now. The big “F” … yes, that’s right! FATIGUE!!

Ramble #2

Greeting Race Fans!

Took an hour but I was finally able to get into my website to add Ramble #2 … sigh. I have been feeling pretty crappy for at least a month now. The snow has finally all gone and I’m looking forward to warmer days. Plus, I’m going to Cuba for a week on Sunday. I can’t wait!

painful right thumb

My right thumb doesn’t appear to want to work today and its very painful. Strap that thumb brace on. It seems like each day brings one joint that is acting up and more painful than the other joints. It really makes no sense and is impossible for me to find any sort of cause or pattern. I find it very frustrating and find that my anger at being sick is on the rise.

Next month I’m suppose to start on a biologic. We’ll see … I had to get a chest x-ray, which I’ve done and a blood test that I can’t seem to find a lab that does this specific test -QuantiFERON. This is because I always test positive when they do a TB skin test, even though I’ve never had it. My mom is the same, weird.

My ten week yoga program is over and I am funnily enough going to miss it. It really was a great program and much needed as there is a waiting list to get in. I had to wait four months! It is specially designed for people who have chronic conditions. I have signed up for the program in the fall as the shoulder seasons seem to affect me more and cause my activity level to go way down.

I will post a pic from Cuba when I return!

– adios amigos!!