Project Scleroderma

Project Scleroderma is a non-profit organization whose prime focus is raising the global awareness of Scleroderma. Christy McCaffrey, the founder of Project Scleroderma, lost her mother to Scleroderma in September 2009; 5 months after her diagnosis. Christy and her family had never heard of Scleroderma. Christy reached out to patients living with this complex and difficult disease in hopes of gaining some knowledge, and understanding. She discovered a severe lack of awareness of both the disease, and of the patients living with Scleroderma. Christy was inspired to create an organization focusing primarily on raising the  awareness of this disease, and thus Project Scleroderma was born.

The first venture for this non-profit was to produce a documentary film allowing scleroderma patients to share their experiences and educate the world about this little known disease.

Narrated by Bob Saget, Project Scleroderma: Beneath The Surface is a film that documents Christy’s mission to raise awareness for the rare disease that took her mother’s life.

This inspirational and heartening film follows Christy as she determinedly strives to create a global movement to rally behind the patients who are suffering from this terrible disease.

Watch the trailer for this film at


“Dear Scleroderma”

Christy’s next venture was to create a documentary web series that portrays the physical, mental and emotional struggles of Scleroderma patients who are battling this difficult disease. Please click on the link above to watch this series and help spread awareness by sharing these powerful accounts of life with Scleroderma.