Technical Difficulties!

Hello there! Wish I could say that I’ve been away somewhere hot and sunny and that is why I haven’t posted for so long. Not so! I have been having ‘technical difficulties’ with the web server that hosts this site. Talk about frustration and craziness at its possible worst!  Today is the longest time I’ve had access to my site without having it stop responding! Usually a minute or two, just enough time to get in, and then *poof*, no response – couldn’t even see my site anymore! Then it was inaccessible to me for hours and then I could get in again for another minute or two!! Of course the hosting provider would say it wasn’t from their end. I would say, ‘well everything else is working fine here, I can access internet, any other site no problem …etc, etc.’ Anyways … I just kept trying, sending emails back and forth with them, let it rest for a while and today it’s working! Who knows?

I want this blog to be very low maintenance as my energy levels are so low, especially in winter, that I can’t/won’t keep trying to problem solve. I want to get on the site, spout some words of wisdom, or complaint or just general whininess!! Is that asking too much?  I have enough technical difficulties with myself to add this to it as well.

I’ve removed some of the information that was on the side bar until I’ve figured out what was causing the problem. I guess I have to do this myself as the provider has no idea, just keep asking for my ip address!?! OK! Enough about this, from tomorrow on I will resume my blogging as I intended. Thank you one and all. (If anyone is there …)


p.s. If anyone has sent email or comments, I can’t access that right now either!