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I have added a new page to this site – Project Scleroderma. This non-profit is very dear to my heart, hence why I became a member of the Project Scleroderma Awareness Committee. Their mission statement is:

“…together we will raise global awareness, encourage support of research, and serve as a platform for patients to voice their stories and champion their cause

I am passionate about supporting this group as one of their main goals is to simply raise awareness of Scleroderma. When I was first diagnosed, I had never heard of the disease. In the years that have followed, I am continually shocked at how little is known; both in general, and also by the medical community. I would be grateful if you would take the time to visit my new page, and then watch the short videos or visit the Project Scleroderma website

I love it! 

2 thoughts on “New Page – Project Scleroderma

  1. Hey – watched the videos. They were really sad and inspirational. Love your site so far, keep up the good work!

  2. We are honored and so grateful to have you share our mission for Scleroderma awareness here on your wonderful page! And I truly admire your willingness to share your own journey here on your blog as well. The more information we can get out there about this disease the greater level of understanding, compassion and support there will be for all who suffer from this disease. Working together for awareness, we are all moving one step closer to a cure! Thank you again!

    Christy McCaffrey
    Executive Director
    Project Scleroderma

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