Lift Me Up

If you’ve never heard, “Lift Me Up” by Christina Aguilera, I think it’s worth a listen. 

Lift chairI’m in LOVE with my lift chair. I spend anywhere from 2-10 hours in it a day so it’s probably good I’m so fond of it! I couldn’t have afforded this chair without the help of family and friends – B&T, mom, D – thank you so much, I LOVE you guys!!
So this is a new lift chair I just got this month. I had a used chair before that I used for about 2 years. It was okay but I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It was a ‘petite’ chair so my lower legs and ankles hung over the end. At the beginning this was fine but as my ankle joints became worse, the weight of them hanging over the footrest was unbearable. It only had a single motor; meaning that when the footrest came up, the back went down. They moved together.
My new chair, which I’ve named Blue, is a large model with a footrest extension. Blue is also a dual motored beauty, meaning that the back and the footrest can move independently of each other! Makes a huge difference! Blue has 4 preprogrammed positions: zero gravity, TV, sit and sleep. AND … I can program my own favoured positions as well! Voice recognition is just around the corner!!  “”Blue, I think it’s nap time”, “Blue, Coronation Street is on!”, “Blue, hurry up! I have to go to the bathroom!!” Hahahahaha.

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